Basement Making

Basement Making

For the most recent development in home improvement and reconstruction, don’t look up – look down!

strike conversions are old hearsay, and what most house owners don’t realize is that basement is in fact an extra room worth million of rupees, as well as one which can spectacularly enhance your family’s standard of living.

This cost-effective vogue of  basement making has been big news in Haryana for a while, where confined house owners are keen to use every square foot of space, but the trend is now taking off in other parts of the India such as Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and many other states in India.

The main reason of Basement Making in houses are really being popular in India, unlike loft conversions, basements can be more multipurpose living spaces that suit modern lifestyles, not just extra rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or studies.

Let your imagination roam free

Your kids can treat themselves to a recording studio, a home films or a state-of-the-art wine vault to really indulge their passion or your small kids can have a giant playroom all to them. Perhaps the most exciting reason to ‘extend’ underground is that you can really add to your family’s lifestyle.

If you own a marketable property it’s also worth remembering your basement could earn you millions of rupees in the form of space for a car parking or even a space for a bar or nightclub.

Are there any financial benefits?

Apart from the extra space for you or your family, a basement making can earn you an additional leasing income. You could rent the converted basement, who would then share the bathroom and kitchen with the family.

You can also convert the basement into a autonomous studio apartment, if so desired with its own front door. If that sounds attractive, you should be aware that you will need planning permission if you plan to create a separate entrance to your home.

But even if you decide not to rent out your new converted basement, then a simple transformation can also add on value of thousand of rupees of your property when selling it on.

Some people think that the basement making is a time consuming process. According to them the process develops cracks besides inflict hidden damages on the building. But We reassure you that the process of making a basement in your house by lifting your house is complete safe. The process is fast and easy. We have an award-winning team of professionals and engineers, who can make a basement in your house without inflict any damages on it. Our prices are extremely aggressive because our prime concern is to offer you value for money.