Building Lifting with jacks

Project Description

Building Lifting is the process to lift the whole Building from lower level to high level by filling the bottom of the foundation of Building with soil or making a useful portion like basement, parking, store etc. at the bottom. In This process the Building is not get damaged or not reconstruct after spoiling the old Building. The only thing is done is that the foundation of the Building is dug and the upper portion is remains like as same as it was. it is economical than reconstruction because in reconstruction we need more new material like bricks, cement, iron etc. but by Building lifting we can save so much money like we have to purchase few material than the reconstruction (Mention Above).
Why We Need To Do This?
If our Building is on the lower level than the street than it creates problem in the rainy season. The Building will full filled with the rain water and more over the dirty water from the sewage also come in the Building which is so disgusting. And according to the senior of the family the Building is always on the up level from street or road.
Benefits of Building Lifting
Building Lifting is economical.
Building Lifting is time saving than reconstruction.
No extra money waste on Electrical fittings, kitchen fittings, because all the thing present in the Building is safe during Building lifting.
Building Lifting give a chance to add more portion in the Building like basement.
Building Lifting gives better ventilation in the crowded street. Which reduces the suffocation, room heating problems.
Building Lifting gives chance to adjust the old sewage of the Building with the new sewage system or municipal sewage system.
If you are looking forward for lifting your Building than you are at right place. We are the well-known for our work. We do our work with dedication. we lift your Building without inflicting damages on it. We can lift home to get much higher than the street level without developing cracks or hidden damages in your Building. With the use of the new technology.


Building Lifting with jacks

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