Foundation replacement

Project Description

Foundation replacement is the process to change the foundation of the house or building. During foundation replacement the whole house or building is lifted up with the uses of the mechanical or hydraulic jacks. The upper portion of house or building is split from the foundation and placed mechanical or hydraulic jacks between them. By the using of the jacks the house is lifted up and moved on a distance from the foundation.
After completion of first step the foundation is digged and constructed the new foundation at the place of older. During this process the upper portion is completely safe. When the new foundation is become hard so this can handle the weight of the upper portion then the upper portion is placed on foundation.

Foundation replacement process is economical than construct new building or house . and the best part of the foundation replacing is that the whole building or house remains same as before it was. Foundation replacement service is provided by TDBD ENGG. WORKS PVT. LTD.. we also provide building lifting building shifting, house lifting , ho


Foundation replacement

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