House Lifting services

Project Description

House Lifting
There are a many reasons for raise the level of your houses, but today, many houses are raised due to flooding or to meet new flood elevation codes. Often times major renovation projects require that the existing structure be raised up to new codes and flood elevations. Because of flood many homes in Tamilnadu are now required to meet new flood elevation codes. Very efficiently, we can raise the level of structure to the new flood elevation and build up new foundation to meet those requirements. We lifted many houses.
With our new techniques and technology we can lift any structure from: single or multiple houses,

Why Building Lifting……?
1. It is economical.
2. It is time saving.
3. Make basement
4. Make parking space
5. Change Foundation
6. Change Sewage
Why Us…?
1. We use new techniques
2. We have Experience in our field
3. We are reliable


House Lifting services

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