House Uplifting

Project Description

It is very tough to build a new House now days. Because the price of the House construction materials are touching the sky. If it sand or iron rods or bricks the price of all the thing is very high. Due to the high price the it is good to stay in native house built by forefathers. But the native house get damaged in long time span. And it is not as secure as it was at starting. The foundation of the House is main part the House or it is called as the root of House . Foundation is the part which gets more damaged. Some time the foundation of House gets damaged but the upper portion of House is remains good.

Now the question is how can we change the foundation of House. We think we have to reconstruct the House . But this is very costly. Now we are living the time when we can lift House and change the foundation of House with the new technology. House uplifting is safe process in which your House is lifted up and the foundation can easily changed . By House uplifting process you can also make basement or parking . you can change the sewage pipes .it is economical than new construction.


House Uplifting

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